Hope in Crisis

Cal Poly Magazine “In my sociology classes I describe the six global challenges in what some have called the penultimate moment of human existence — rising inequality, racial injustice, gender oppression, the pandemic, growing political authoritarianism, and the climate crisis. Ugh. But look at where we came from. There is no call to Make the … More Hope in Crisis

Buen Vivir

Students and colleagues often feel overwhelmed by the tremendous complexity and size of the climate crisis.  But we must start somewhere.  Below is a social movement entitled Buen Vivir as described by Sergio Beltran: Buen vivir (living well, or living well together) is an indigenous Latin American term describing alternatives to development rooted in community, … More Buen Vivir


‘The best teacher will send you back to yourself… the greatest teacher knows they are only a temporal guide. Never the destination. Never the answer.” –Nayyirah Waheed