Media Engagement

October 2021: Dave Congalton Show.  KVEC Radio and Podcast.

 We discuss the new analysis of systemic racism in slo county.

October 2021: Holden, L. San Luis Obispo Tribune

Sheriff’s report finds ‘very powerful indicators of systemic racism’ in SLO County

September 2021: KSBY News

            Sheriff’s Office releases report on systemic racism in San Luis Obispo County

September 2021: KEYT News

Sheriff Powerful Indicators of Systemic Racism in SLO County

May 2021: The Reluctant Therapist

            Creating Difference and Improving Lives

January 2021: New Times

Local NAACP branch points to racist graffiti as evidence of racism in SLO County

September 2017: University of Texas Press

Hurricane Harvey and Irma—Build Back Better—Elsewhere?

June 2017: Mustang News

            The Wheelchair Foundation: New chapter, same goals

June 2017: Mustang News

Restorative Partners: Helping inmates one class at a time

April 2016: KCBX Radio, Issues and Ideas Program

The California drought and the White House Water Summit

March 2016: KSBY News

Professor to attend White House Water Summit

October 2015: KCBX News

United Nations conference this week at Cal Poly to study devastating drought effects

October 2015: Cal Poly Magazine

            Running Dry

 October 2015: Mustang News

            Cal Poly prepares for United Nations University

March 2015: Mustang News

            Interview concerning “Week in the Life” Pedagogy

February 2015: Mustang News

            Interview about “Incarceration and Society” class held at the county Jail

December 2014: KEYT Television

            Interview about the Ferguson Protests

November 2014: Conversations with Cal Poly Authors

            Interview with Kathleen Cairns about her book “Hard Time at Tehachapi”

July 2014: KCBX Central Coast Voices

            Interview concerning the “Cost of Living in SLO County”

May 2014: College of Liberal Arts, Cal Poly

            Interview describing my collaborations with the United Nations University.

May 2012: Mustang Daily

            Interview describing my “Learn by Doing Sociology” extra credit assignments.

April 2012: KCOY News

            Interview highlighting my “Learn by Picking Strawberries” experiential field trip.

January 2012: New Times

            Interview concerning the changing definition of marriage in the United States.