Beyond Academia

This section provides another dimension of who I am outside of the ivory tower.Ryan and fig

  • I love to garden, save seeds, plant trees, and care for the earth.
  • I care for four chickens and 19 bee hives (~200,000 bees)
  • I like to build things and learn new skills.
    • In 2013 I built a large garden
    • In 2014 I built a yurt
    • In 2015 I built a root cellar and greenhouse
    • In 2016 I built a cottage and tree house
    • In 2017 I built a farm stand and started an apiary
    • In 2018 I did upkeep and completed a few smaller projects
    • In 2019 I planted a 30 tree orchard and expanded the garden.  I also learned to cure olives
    • In 2020–Planting trees, caring for the garden, gathering honey, queen bee rearing, becoming more proficient at curing olives, always learning from Mother Earth.  I became a Master Beekeeper
    • In 2021-I avoided Covid and became a bootlegger (I make mead–similar to wine, but made from honey)
    • In 2022-I am attempting growing mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually everyday. I am a Master Gardener
  • I love soccer, surfing, and kayaking.  I sometimes like running :/
  • Social Justice is my passion.  As MLK Jr. noted, “Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.”  I want to be great in this sense.